Our Value Story – For Entrepreneurs

One thing became very clear as part of our redesign/rebranding: Entrepreneurs are our true target audience.

This isn’t really surprising, the business started when Jeff finished MBA school at UNC and looked back at the steep learning curve around Venture Capital and wondered why it was so difficult to learn when the individual pieces were pretty straightforward.

He wanted to make it easier to learn, and thus LearnVC.com was born.

So really, we’re just getting back to our roots.


We offer Educational Resources to make it easier to come up to speed as an entrepreneur. Learn best practices on creating and growing your business, what your financing choices are, how to go about getting investors, and how financing terms work so you’re negotiating on a level playing field.

Ownership Modeling

Once you understand the basics, we have a freemium service to model the ownership structure of your company. You enter founders, angel investors, institutional investors, how much they put in, what terms, and we take care of the equations so you can spend your time making better decisions rather than fighting Excel (or paying someone else to do it). We also make it easy to share your information, revoke access, model possible financing scenarios, etc.


When your company is farther along and you have a stock option plan you need to track, you want to know who made what changes to the cap table when, you want to track restricted stock and warrants, etc. you can get a company subscription for a very reasonable price.

Our goal is to offer tools and resources for entrepreneurs to help them be successful, including our freemium company ownership modeling tool to pay for the rest.

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