Our Value Story – For Investors and Service Providers

Even given our focus on entrepreneurs, we have interesting current and future value for investors and service providers.

One Location Cap Table Info

Having cap table information in one place, easy to share, have multiple editors, and a full change history are all great reasons to use or push your portfolio companies to use our service. We have heard the story many times of board meetings where 20 minutes are wasted trying to find the correct version of the cap table. Based just on the time of the people involved, a yearly subscription to our premium product would be paid for in just one such meeting.

Sophisticated Financing Scenario Analysis

With access, even read-only, to current cap table information, investors can use our sophisticated Financing Scenarios to analyse their portfolio companies. What kind of exit is required for my investment to make a 10x return? How diluting is the proposed Series B round? What are the ramifications of a down round? These are all straightforward to answer, even across a large portfolio of companies.


Premium company accounts allow subscribing companies to use our advanced features. Investors and Service Providers can sponsor company accounts at a discount while associating themselves with those companies (with an “Account Courtesy” link on their profile). Contact us for pricing and details!

The Future!

We have a number of ideas of how to add more value here in the future, and we’re looking for feedback and partners to make it happen. Here are a few examples:

Anonymized Financing Data

As we build up a database with tons of detailed financing data, the opportunity to dissect, analyze, mine, and more all show tremendous potential for serious value. What are the common Series A terms for a particular geographical area, for a specific type of company, over the last six months? Given enough data that a specific deal cannot be reverse engineered, we can provide that information.

Contextual Referrals to Service Providers

Because we have a lot of details about the state of a company, we can know what their next steps need to be even before the entrepreneurs. That means we can help them understand what they need to do, by when, and offer them help finding an appropriate service provider to do so. This can range from founding the company, creating a stock plan, to a 403b valuation.

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