StartupSpot Sept. 19th, 2012 Release Notes

We’ve been very focused on stability for this release, so no new features to speak of, just quality improvements.

Well… almost. The one new feature is that exit adjustments can now be taken before a specific financing round (instead of at the top of the waterfall). In this case the waterfall would go:

  1. Liabilities
  2. Normal Adjustments
  3. Senior Debt
  4. Subordinated Debt
  5. Series D
  6. Adjustment set before Series C
  7. Series C
  8. Series B
  9. Series A
  10. Common

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug with 30/360 accounting
  • Fixed a couple layout bugs when adding an investor and then a round before any investments
  • Fixed a bug when an investor’s name was changed before any investments were added for her
  • Fixed issues with exits in Summary View
  • Show Waterfall link for company exits when that company is shared read-only
  • When setting a Scenario Exit to calculate the value based on a multiple of an investor/investment/round it would get in a bad state
  • Fixed calculation of As Converted shares for convertible debt

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